A strong belief in a philosophy that teaches the importance of sharing our privileges with others and helping individuals in real need. As a team we consider this as our duty and a privilege, not a charity.We know that there are many compassionate souls in this world who believe in this philosophy and would really want to help the community. There was no proper mechanism to ensure whether the cases were genuine or the help reaches the right people in need etc. This has been a constant challenge and continues to be. We at ‘mehelp.org’ , having first-hand experience with this gap, are striving to fill it and gather genuine and legitimate cases where the individuals are really in need, post them on this site and socialize it with the world. You can trust this information and pursue it forward as needed…

Why now..?

Since 2003, we were trying to do whatever we can to those in real need and are now convinced about the need for external help from like-minded individuals around the world. This would enable us to run this more efficiently and effectively, reaching many more families in need.


We are very clear about the approach here. Below guidelines will be followed while addressing any case (unless otherwise deemed necessary and treated as exceptions)

  • Legitimacy of Cases will be verified with the help of local authorities.
  • Beneficiaries will not be paid directly under any circumstances.
  • Involved organizations will be paid directly upon approval of benefits ( Ex: Schools, Pharmacies, Hospitals etc.)
  • Donations to the impacted parties/cases will be closely monitored to avoid excess benefits to specific parties.
  • Balanced distribution of benefits will be ensured to address more cases

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