mehelp would always recommend you to pay the Institutions (Hospitals, Colleges/Schools etc.) directly if that is an option. In case if you are planning to pay the impacted individual directly, we recommend you to divide the planned amount into regular monthly payments and transfer via online banking as opposed to paying a lump sum unless the specific case demands such a large amount (Ex: Surgeries, Wheel chairs, One time Tuition fees etc.)

LocationCategoryContact PhoneCase detailsPicture
Trivandrum, KeralaEducation91-990 127 2111Vismaya T K is a brilliant student of Asian aviation college of Management and science, Trivandrum, who is pursuing her BBA now. Due to her family’s financial situations, she is not able to pay her fee lately. Only reason she could join this college and continue her studies so far was due to the great support from kind hearted people like you… Vismaya has two sisters and the younger one has a chronic medical condition needing continuous attention and treatment. Her family would really appreciate any financial help at this point… Bank account details State Bank of India Account Name: Vineetha TK & Viji TK Account No: 34179526083 IFC Code: SBIN0000257
MumbaiMedical91 - 983 329 1669Mr. VirajKumar (37 years old, living in Kalyan, Mumbai) has his both kidneys damaged, undergoing dialysis three times a week. He should ideally get his Kidneys replaced as soon as possible. Viraj had lost his mother few years back and his brother also passed away in 2017 due to Kidney problems. His father Mr.Vijayakumar who is working in Mumbai, with his minimum wages, finding it very hard to take care of his son’s medical expenses. With the current situation, any form of financial help would be really appreciated by Viraj and Vijayakumar.

Contact phone: Vijayakumar: 9833291669

Bank Account details
Mr.Viraj Kumar
Punjab National Bank, Pathanamthitta, Kerala
A/c no: 4802000100023433
IFC code: PUNB0480200
BangaloreEducation91 - 990 127 2111Kishore is the son of Mrs Mani. N working as a maid servant in Sahakaranagar neighborhood, Bangalore. Kishore’s father has deserted him and his mother and married another woman.
Kishore studies in VidyaSpoorthi School, near Thindlu Village, near Sahakarangar, Bangalore. His mother’s income is not sufficient to pay for their livelihood including rent, school fees, clothes. They are in need of financial assistance to continue Kishore’s schooling. The next academic year starts from end of May 2019.

Mrs Mani.N (W/O Anjappa) Ground Floor #109, Near SalaPuramma Temple Thindlu Village, Vidyaranyapura Post. Bangalore – 560097
Bank Details: A/C: 520101044583482, IFSC Code: CORP0002030, Corporation Bank
Ottapalam, KeralaMedical91 - 9048257963Vinaya is a 16 year old girl suffering from immune deficiency related weakness and physiological issues for few years now. If ignored, at this point, it will take a turn for worse. She is the youngest of three siblings and the economic condition of the family is pitiful. Her parents are struggling to make ends meet while Vinaya needs constant care.
Any contribution towards Vinaya's medical treatment will go a long way in assisting this family that is counting on kind hearted people around the world.

Bank details:
Mrs. Shakunthala K P
A/C.No: 0061053000047627
The South Indian Bank, Ottapalam
IFSC: SIBL0000061
Ottapalam, KeralaMedical91 - 9847147310Mr. Dinachandran (45 years old, from Ottapalam, Kerala) has his both kidneys damaged needing immediate medical attention. He is in real need of immediate financial help for his kidney replacement surgery for which it costs around 8 to 10 lakhs rupees. Dinachandran and his wife have three small children going to school. With the current situation, any form of financial help would be really appreciated by his family.
AmbalaparaMedical91 - 994 796 3361Ms.Radha (33 years old) has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is being treated at Trichur Medical College, Kerala. Radha's husband, Mr. Ramankutty normally goes for daily, unskilled native labor work. He is really struggling now to feed his family and is requesting any help from kind hearted people to meet the hospital expenses of Radha for Chemo and related treatments. Please help the family. Their bank details will be updated once they start one. Please contact for more details.
ChennaiMedical91 - 988 427 1124Mr. Manikandan (33 years old) is suffering from very high level of diabetes and wheezing problems lately. Recently he was admitted to ICU at ACS Medical College, Poonamalle, Chennai, and discharged now. Mani used to work for a Petrol Pump in Chennai and after this condition, he is no more fit to work there. Mani and Uma have two children going to school. With the current situation, any form of financial help will be really appreciated by Mani’s family at this point in time. Contact phone: 988 427 1124

Bank Account details
Indian bank, ankaputhur branch chennai 43
A/c no: 6606914403
IFC code: IDIB000A061