The birth of mehelp.org was just the materialization of a vision that Mr. MK Menon had for a long time. He believes in the philosophy that ‘Everyone has the obligation to share their privileges with those who are less privileged’ and has been trying to live his belief for a very long time now. Being an IT professional for more than two decades, working for Fortune 50 IT giants and having lived in United States for many years, Mr. Menon moved back to India by the end of year 2010, due to family obligations. 

Mr. Menon was finding it very hard to address the ever growing needs of our community by himself, lately. Developing a web portal mehelp.org  was the solution to address this and thus bridging the gap between the needy and the compassionate communities. 

Another reason to start this website was to potentially find a solution for challenges they have been experiencing since 2003: the legitimacy of cases reported, finding supporters and uncertainty on whether the help reaches the right and deserving people at all…

Note: For Mr. Menon, it all started back in year 2003, when he heard about a bright and studious girl near his hometown, who was not able to go to school due to epilepsy related challenges. Spending for her medicines every week, was not an easy task for her underprivileged family. Mr. Menon discussed the details with a local pharmacy who would supply the medicines to the girl and arranged for the ongoing payment with the pharmacy directly.